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Stay Connected

Hilton Chicago offers complimentary standard WiFi in our lobby and restaurants.

Guest Room WiFi Services

For overnight guests, the following guest room WiFi packages are available.  With the purchase of any of the two rates you can connect up to 3 devices.

  • Standard HSIA 2MB up/down – $12.95 – 24 hours
  • Premium HSIA 6 MB u/down – $18.95 – 24 hours

Group Meeting WiFi Services

Hilton Chicago offers a customizable HSIA solution. Guests and event attendees have the ability to connect to our networks wirelessly or via Ethernet cable.  Internet is crucial to business and productivity, our HSIA solution is focused on providing reliable and fast services. We challenged our ISP to create an infrastructure that delivers the versatility, high-capacity, and security that is demanded by our WLAN customers.

Hilton Chicago is one of very few hotels in Chicago to feature 2 internet circuits. Guestrooms feature a 250-MB circuit, while meeting space and exhibit halls feature a 1-Gigabit circuit – providing the strongest internet infrastructure for meeting and conventions facilities in the Chicagoland area. This setup we can ensure that optimal bandwidth is provided within each of our guest rooms and within our event space.

The majority of our technology conferences are based on the following core capabilities.


• Public IP Addresses, static or dynamic
• Custom VLANs including layer 2 and layer 3 VLANs
• Custom security including wireless security (WEP/WPA/WPA2) and access control lists
• Custom wireless network names
• Custom portal page graphics, including forced first home pages


• We use Multi-Mode Fiber for the backbone from the MDF to the IDFs and Single-Mode Fiber for the ISP handoff for our 1-Gigabit circuit.
• Copper CAT5e is used from our data switches to our wall ports.
• We have the ability to bandwidth throttle in accordance to your internet access needs and requirements.


• Hotel infrastructure is supported by PSAV and powered by AT&T.
• PSAV support is available up to 18 hours per day, based on event specifications.
M-F 5AM-11PM and 6AM-10PM CST
• Communications Department has representatives’ onsite 7 days week from 6AM-11PM to assist with any HSIA requirements for events.
• Cisco Certified Engineers are available 24/7 as 2nd and 3rd tier support with constant monitoring of all network equipment.
• In addition to this support, the hotel also has a 24-hour support line that can be dialed from any guest room phone and a live tech is always available to assist.


• Hilton Chicago uses enterprise-class hardware that handles a high volume of data transmission and usage –129 Cisco 3802 WAPs are installed throughout our space.

Public v. Private IP’s:

• Public IP Addresses – static or dynamic
• All of our IPs are 2 Class C’s in our meeting space.
• We have 320 public addresses that we can allocate for VPN users and an additional 4520 private ip addresses to allocate for non-VPN users.
• Devices will be required to authenticate via a WPA2 Key or Access Code